donderdag 19 februari 2009

Precious Blood (Edward Jenner) by Jonathan Hayes

Jonathan Hayes serves up one hell of a debut!
Edward Jenner, semi-retired medical examiner returns to his former duties as a private consultant when a young woman is crucified. When her roommate, Ana, shows up in his apartment, looking for help Jenner is drawn further and further into the investigation of this and related murder. He faces not only a sinister serial killer but also his growing attraction to Ana and his post-traumatic stress as a result of 9/11.
This novel has the same problems most novels featuring forensic investigators have, that is that they act like regular detectives a lot, riding along with the cops during the regular tactical investigations. In fact, there is a lot less technical forensic detail in this one than in the work of for instance Kathy Reichs. It makes the novel easier to read but also I found myself a bit disappointed, because the writer is a real-life forensic pathologist, so the technical detail would act a special feel of realism to it.
As a ‘regular’ thriller this one works perfectly though. I couldn’t put the book away, eager to see what happens next. The pacing was perfect, just enough action to balance the more emotional parts of the story. I felt myself feeling for Jenner and the way his growing attracton to Ana is described was wonderful. Also, good use is made of the NYC settings, making me eager to visit again… As longs as I don’t meet any serial killers that is…